Subjective Wellbeing Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to encourage the use of Subjective Wellbeing in the evaluation of community based projects, strategies and interventions funded by philanthropic organisations, community grants, and government public policy initiatives. For many organisations program evaluation is a daunting task so this toolkit resource has been developed to provide more information on what Subjective Wellbeing is, why it is an ideal measure of strategies and interventions, how to measure Subjective Wellbeing using only 8 questions and how to interpret survey results collected in Australia. The toolkit includes formatted survey questions for the Personal Wellbeing Index included in the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index and a range of reference material to enable easy use and measurement of Subjective Wellbeing in a range of settings. 

The development of this Subjective Wellbeing Toolkit has been funded by the Australian Unity Heritage Foundation.

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