Transport Limitations

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Indicator Rationale

Access to both public or private transportation is essential for citizens to contribute to their community and reach their potential.  Safe, reliable affordable transport is a key determinant of people‚Äôs opportunities to access health services and programs, education and secure employment.  It is especially important for the elderly to have access to public transportation.  Limitation in regards to transport is related to social isolation and also has a relationship with sedentary lifestyles. 

Data Source

VicHealth Indicator Survey 2011

Community Indicators Victoria Survey 2007


People Who Experienced Transport Limitations in the Last 12 Months: expressed as a percentage of the adult population.

A small number of survey respondents (less than 0.5% of weighted survey estimates across Victoria) didn't know or refused to answer the survey question.  These respondents have been excluded from the data analysis.

For this indicator, respondents who stated that they had experienced transport limitations, but the sole reason for which was either bushfire or roadworks, have not been regarded as experiencing transport limitations.

Important: Note the differences in the response options given to explain reasons for transport limitations in the CIV survey 2007 and VicHealth Indicators Survey 2011. In the CIV Survey 2007 reasons for transport limitations were collected in a follow up question but these reasons were not collected in the VicHealth Indicators Survey 2011. These changes were made by VicHealth in the survey design.

Survey Question

VicHealth Survey Question 2011

CIV Survey Question 2007

Source of Question

These questions were designed in consultation with the Victorian Department of Infrastructure (DoI), following the examination of a variety of transport-related questions asked in other surveys.  This question was modified in the VicHealth 2011 survey. The reasons for travel limitation were not included.


Victorian Department of Infrastructure (2006). Accessible Public Transport In Victoria - Action Plan 2006-12.