Participation in Citizen Engagement

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Indicator Rationale

Citizen engagement is a broad field which includes a range of activities including public consultation. Citizen or community engagement is about involving the community in the decision making process and is critical in the successful development of acceptable policies and decisions in government, the private sector and the community. In democratic societies, people participate in decision making and local government processes are transparent and accountable.  People then have confidence that government will make good decisions and run for elected positions.  Because they are engaged, they feel empowered, that they have personal political efficacy and are in control of their destinies. 

Data Source

VicHealth Indicator Survey 2011

Community Indicators Victoria Survey 2007


People Who Participated in Citizen Engagement Activities in the Last 12 Months: expressed as a percentage of the adult population.

A small number of survey respondents (representing 0.6% of the weighted survey estimates across Victoria) didn't know or refused to answer the survey question.  These respondents have been excluded from the data analysis.

Survey Question

QC6. In the last 12 months have you done any of the following? Yes; No.

a. Attended a town meeting, public hearing or public affairs discussion group
b. Met with, called or sent a letter to any local politician
c. Joined a protest or demonstration
d. Signed a petition

The measure is based on responses of 'Yes' to any of items a. to d. 

Source of Question

This question is based on Question 29 in World Bank Global Social Capital Survey, Republic of Uganda, 1998.


The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, "How Americans View Government: DECONSTRUCTING DISTRUST", March 10, 1998.