Food Security

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Every 3 years. In VPHS but not released in 2011 version.

Indicator Rationale 

This indicator seeks to identify people who may be at risk of a poor diet and nutrition due to their financial incapacity to purchase food, as well as at risk of social exclusion.  Food and nutrition have long been recognised as important contributors to health. However, food and nutrition affect more than just the physical aspects of our health and wellbeing. The buying, preparing and eating of food is part of everyday life. For many Australians, food is a focus for social interactions with family and friends.  

Data Source

Victorian Population Health Survey, 2008

Victorian Population Health Survey, 2011 


People Who Ran Out of Food in the Last 12 Months and Could Not Afford to Buy More: expressed as a percentage of the adult population.

A small number of survey respondents (representing 0.1% of the weighted survey estimates across Victoria, and less than 1.0% in every LGA) didn't know or refused to answer the survey question.  These respondents have been excluded from the data analysis.

Survey Question

QD3. Have there been any times in the last 12 months when you ran out of food and could not afford to buy more?  Yes; No.

Source of Question

Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1995 National Nutrition Survey


World Health Organisation (WHO) initiative, 'Health for All by the Year 2000.'