Adequate Work-Life Balance

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Indicator Rationale

Work-life balance is an issue of strategic importance to organisations and of significance to employees.  Organisational awareness and action with respect to implementing work life balance strategies hinges on an Organisation’s need to attract and retain valued employees in a highly competitive labour market.  For employees, work life balance is “the maintenance of a balance between responsibilities at work and at home”.  When work-life balance is achieved, people feel that they have attained the best possible quality of life.

Important: Note the differences in the response options given in the CIV Survey 2007 and VicHealth Indicators Survey 2011.  In the CIV Survey 2007 respondents were presented with four statements related to work.  The same four statements were not asked in the VicHealth Indicators Survey 2011 and respondents were simply asked if they agreed or disagreed with the statement "My work and family life often interfere with each other".  These changes were made by VicHealth in the survey design.

Data Source

VicHealth Indicator Survey 2011

Community Indicators Victoria Survey 2007


Employed People Who Disagree that Work and Family Life Often Interfere with Each Other: expressed as a percentage of the employed adult population.

A small number of applicable survey respondents (less than 0.5% of the weighted survey estimates across Victoria) didn't know or refused to answer the survey question.  These respondents have been excluded from the data analysis.  In addition, some survey respondents (representing 1.1% of the weighted survey estimates across Victoria) didn't know or refused to describe their current employment situation, or provided a response other than the categories read out by the interviewer.

Survey Question

VicHealth Survey Question 2011

CIV Survey Question 2007 

Source of Question

European Foundation (2006) "Living Conditions and Quality of Life in 29 European Countries".


European Foundation Work Survey