Indicators Included in CIV

Which indicators are included in Community Indicators Victoria?

The Community Indicators Victoria framework is based on a set of approximately 80 community wellbeing indicators, covering the broad spectrum of local community life.

The indicators are grouped under five major domains which include:

  • Healthy, safe and inclusive communities;
  • Dynamic, resilient local economies;
  • Sustainable built and natural environments;
  • Culturally rich and vibrant communities; and
  • Democratic and engaged communities.

This set of indicators is intended as a starting point for local governments and local communities so that they can identify the issues and indicators which are most important to them.  More details of the indicators and a diagram of the domains and policy areas can be found under the Data Framework section of this site.

How were the indicators and measures chosen?

There are a large number of indicators that could potentially included in the framework of community wellbeing indicators. Choosing the indicators that would finally be included in the framework was a task hat was undertaken by Victorian Community Indicators Project, the initial research project that led to the establishment of Community Indicators Victoria.

In order to be included in the framework, the indicators and measures must meet the following guidelines:

  • Are relevant and valuable to the community;
  • Are grounded in theory and have been endorsed by experts on the topic;
  • Measure progress towards sustainability and/or community vision;
  • Are likely to give information about the future and/or early warning signs of problems;
  • Are measurable with at the Local Government Area level;
  • Can be measured over time to show trends in results;
  • Have regular and reliable data sources (e.g. the ABS Census);
  • Can be disaggregated by population groups;
  • Can be benchmarked against relevant jurisdictions;
  • Are methodologically defensible;
  • Are unambiguous and resonate with the general population;
  • Applicable to all Victorian Local Government Areas;
  • Has been supported by consultation feedback;
  • Are consistent with other key government indicators.

The indicators and measures included in Community Indicators Victoria will help to provide a clearer picture of a community and how the community is tracking in key areas.  In some cases, the picture presented will challenge existing wisdom and assumptions about specific issues.  For this reason, the indicators include a mix of subjective and objective measures, allowing perceptions to be considered alongside objective measures.