Data Maps

Community Indicators Victoria has developed an online Geographic Information System (GIS) which is an interactive mapping and analysis tool to enable visual communication of wellbeing indicators for the state of Victoria. The Wellbeing Map is a unique section of the CIV website providing a visualisation tool using Instant Atlas to present wellbeing information in a geographical context revealing spatial variations and patterns across Victoria.

The Wellbeing Map provides data as a map of Wellbeing for all Victorians Local Government Areas. By integrating maps, data and charts in one single interface, the Wellbeing Map allows interactive manipulation of wellbeing data and provides an additional level of data interpretation. The Wellbeing Map has been included in Community Indicators Victoria to encourage and enhance community engagement, evidence-based policy making and knowledge translation leading to improved community wellbeing outcomes.

Please note: the Adobe Flash Player is required to view the maps - Instant Atlas is not required.

The Wellbeing Map includes the Single Map and Double Map:


The Single Map provides a single map view of wellbeing data. In addition to the full range of standard features, this template includes key features for advanced data presentation and analysis.

The Double Map provides a double map view of wellbeing data. The twin maps and scattered plot make this template ideally suited to exploring the relationship between two wellbeing indicators.

A new page will load when you enter the Wellbeing Map section of the site and provide a complete map of Victoria with the boundaries of the state’s Local Government Areas (LGAs). The area of individual LGAs are highlighted on the map after being selected from the alphabetical list on the left hand side menu and indicators and measures are displayed as a title in the heading section of the page.

Please note: for some indicators the Wellbeing Maps contain less time periods (or different time periods) from the Wellbeing Reports and Live Reports. For example, the Volunteering indicator has been updated to 2008 data in the Wellbeing Reports and Live Reports, but the Wellbeing Maps still show 2006 data. Any further changes will be announced on this page.

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