Customised Community Profiles & Research Reports

CIV Premium Reports have been developed in response to the needs of CIV Users. Often CIV Users seek additional data or more detailed information on a particular topic of interest and contact CIV seeking assistance with this process. 

Premium Reports are available to CIV Users who seek a statistical consultancy service and provided on a fee-for-service basis. Costs are charged according to the time analysts spend preparing the Premium Reports and are dependent on the depth and material included.

CIV Premium Reports may include the following:

  • Collation and reporting of indicator data tables
    according to LGA, Region, Gender or Age;
  • Analysis of data included in the 2007 CIV Survey
    and presented according to LGA, Region, Gender or Age.


A brief example of a Premium Report is available here.  The report includes three tables of customised data investigating citizen engagement and community connectedness in Local Government Areas across Northern and Western Melbourne.  

Another example of a customised Premium Report is a CIV Social Inclusion Report. The report includes community indicators of social inclusion and is based on the Commonwealth Government’s Social Inclusion Strategy released in 2009. More information on the CIV Social Inclusion Report is available here.

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These are only examples of CIV Premium Reports and all reports are customized to the data needs of CIV Users. Please contact us directly to talk further about what we can provide for you.

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