CIV Survey and the City of Ballarat - A Pilot Study

A Pilot Study of additional sampling and questions for the City of Ballarat

The Ballarat City Council was one of 16 Councils that purchased additional questions in the Community Indicators Victoria Survey (2007). As a pilot project, Ballarat City Council agreed to purchase an additional 1200 interviews in addition to the 300 interviews completed by Community Indicators Victoria. This resulted in a total of 1500 interviews being conducted across the City of Ballarat. The additional sample size was agreed upon in consultation with Community Indicators Victoria and was based on the Ballarat LGA Australian Bureau of Statistics Estimated Resident Population (2005) statistics. The City of Ballarat also purchased additional health related survey questions on the topics of physical activity, fruit and vegetable consumption, alcohol consumption and smoking.

The main purpose of Ballarat City Council purchasing the additional sample was to assist in Municipal Public Health Planning and enable Ballarat City Council to investigate their results for specific age groups at the sub-LGA level. The information will also be available for use where relevant in other strategic documents across Council.

Refer to the City of Ballarat website for more information on this Pilot Study.

View the City of Ballarat Pilot Project Report: "Using the Community Indicators Victoria Survey to Assist in Municipal Public Health Planning".