CIV Data Sources

Administrative Data Sources

Data for the Community Indicators Victoria framework comes from a range of sources. 

These include the Australian Bureau of Statistics, existing administrative data from the Victorian Government, and the new statewide Community Indicators Victoria Survey (2007).  Existing administrative data sources include Victorian Government departments such as the Department of Victorian Communities, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Sustainability and Environment. 


Community Indicators Victoria Survey 2007 

A new data set has also been developed from the Community Indicators Victoria Survey (2007), which surveyed approximately 24,000 Victorians involving 300 residents in all 79 local government areas across Victoria.  A weighting system has been used in the analysis of this statistically relevant sample of residents to correct any potential bias. This ensures that Councils and community members can have confidence in the results. The Survey was developed by the Community Indicators Victoria team in consultation with key stakeholders and was specifically designed to fill the gaps between existing administrative data sources and the need for new measures of community wellbeing.


For more information on the exact data sources for each CIV indicator refer to the metadata section of this site.